Architecture Projects

Our architecture projects include historic restoration; modular construction; building assessments, sustainability, facilities management and programming. Our market sectors include transit, healthcare, k-12 education and hospitality.  Our clients are facility owners, both corporate and institutional.

When needed, Boreas Architecture & Civic Design has developed innovative approaches to project delivery, in response to client and professional needs. We also offer a traditional line of professional, architectural services.

Gibson Block, EdmontonBoreas Architecture & Civic Design has been contracted to provide Historic Building Condition Assessment service to the historic Gibson Block in downtown Edmonton, in accordance with the “Standards and Guidelines for the Conservation of Historic Places in Canada”. <– READ MORE –>
BOMA BEStThe Building Owners and Managers Association, in conjunction with the Green Globes program, has assembled a program, “BOMA BESt” that enables its members to establish operational benchmarks for their properties. <– READ MORE –>
bridgehouse2Originally built in 1911, these bridgehouses were steel frame, clad with terra cotta glazed to resemble  stone, bearing on a concrete deck on pylon caissons.  Using archive drawings and profile measurements of existing tile from the west bridgehouse, new tile profiles were created for both west and east bridgehouses, the latter having been demolished five years prior to this project. <– READ MORE –>
Park_RealtyScoville Square Associates, LP owns & manages many vintage properties throughout Oak Park, including the historic, National Register building Scoville Square block by EE Roberts, Architect.  This client had many ongoing projects dealing with the operation and upkeep of facilities; they also had many renovation projects as a result of changing tenants.   <– READ MORE –>
emerson_ingallsThe Emerson Ingalls Rowhouses were built in 1892, to a design by William van Keuran, Architect. This design avoided nails, which were considered new-fangled technology at the time: its exterior walls are load bearing masonry and its heavier timbers are held together by mortise and tenon connections. <– READ MORE –>
CTA1The Chicago Transit Authority is the second largest transit agency in the United States and one of the largest in the world.  It carries about 1,500,000 passengers daily.  Its rail network comprises some 224 miles of track and 145 stations, its bus network runs 129 routes over 1959 miles.  The CTA is very sensitive to the needs of its individual patrons, and the region that it serves overall. <– READ MORE –>

Boreas Architecture & Civic Design welcomes questions about our architecture projects.  Please contact us for more information and specifications.